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Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer

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Introducing the Colorescience Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer - your new ally in the quest for a resilient, radiant complexion. Crafted in collaboration with skin health experts, this moisturizer is not just a hydration hero; it's a revolutionary formula designed to fortify your skin's natural defenses. By enhancing the skin’s protective barrier and nurturing the microbiome, it ensures your skin is robust and ready to take on environmental challenges. Dive into the world of proactive skincare with a moisturizer that plumps, smoothens, and revitalizes, revealing a youthful glow that speaks volumes of health and care. Embrace the future of skin wellness with every application, and enjoy a complexion that's not only hydrated but holistically harmonized and visibly youthful. Perfect for all skin adventurers seeking to elevate their skin’s resilience.


  • Net Wt. 1.7 fl. oz. / 50 mL
  • 60-day supply based on 2x daily use

Usage Instructions

Embrace the Glow

  1. Foundation First: Post your targeted treatment regimen, ready your skin for a dose of resilience with 1-2 pumps of our Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer.
  2. Application: Gently massage onto your face, neck, and décolleté, enveloping your skin in a veil of strengthening moisture. Don't overlook the back of your hands – they deserve a pump of protective care too!
  3. Sun Defense: Layer up with sunscreen to shield against the day's adventures.
  4. When: Ideal as a morning primer or an evening replenishment, this moisturizer is your go-to for daily barrier health.

Step into a realm where your skin is not just treated but transformed, ready to face the world with vitality and vigor.

Key Ingredients
  • Crystalide™
  • Vital ET™
  • Hydrolyzed Pea Protein
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Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer


What's the essence behind its natural scent?

Our Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer is crafted without added fragrances, so any scent you notice comes from its pure ingredients like lactobacillus ferment and hydrolyzed pea protein, which naturally dissipate upon application.

Optimal Usage: How much and when?

Embrace your skin with 1-2 pumps of the Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer twice daily, morning and night, ensuring you extend this care to your face, neck, décolleté, and hands before sun defense steps.

How do I integrate this into my routine?

Post-cleansing and any prescribed treatments, layer on the Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer. Follow up with Colorescience sun protection in the morning, and color products as desired.

When will I see the magic happen?

Instant hydration meets you at first touch, with a continuous improvement in skin’s health and appearance observed over four weeks of usage.

Beyond the Face: Where else can I apply it?

Feel free to use the Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer on any area of your body craving hydration and barrier support, but remember, it’s for external use only.

Is it a fit for everyone?

Absolutely! The Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer is designed for all skin types, including pregnant or nursing women (consult your doctor), men, and is non-comedogenic, ensuring it won’t clog pores.

Is the Essential Moisturizer vegan and cruelty-free?

Absolutely, the Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer respects all forms of life, contains no animal products or derivatives, and adhering to Colorescience's strict cruelty-free standards.