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Clean Towels XL

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Introducing Clean Towels XL – the pinnacle of skincare hygiene and the first of its kind, disposable, bio-based face towel that redefines cleanliness in your skincare regimen. Designed for the ultimate clean experience, these towels are your answer to avoiding the bacteria and fungi harbored by traditional washroom towels. Celebrated for their unparalleled durability and ultra-soft feel, Clean Towels XL are your ticket to a skincare routine that leaves you feeling impeccably fresh, clean, and supremely confident. Their versatility knows no bounds; perfect for use in any situation, wet or dry, they cater to your skin’s every need.


50 Clean Towels

Usage Instructions

Maximize Your Skincare with Clean Towels XL

  1. For a Hygienic Dry: Pat your face dry with a Clean Towel after cleansing to avoid the bacteria and fungi of regular towels.
  2. Reduce Redness & Restore Moisture: Gently drying with Clean Towels can help soothe your skin, reducing redness and aiding in moisture barrier restoration.
  3. Effortless Makeup Removal: Use a damp Clean Towel for a soft, hygienic way to remove makeup without harsh rubbing.
  4. Seamless Mask Removal: Easily lift away face masks without the mess, preserving the hygiene and comfort of your skincare routine.
  5. Gentle Cleansing Companion: Whether applying or removing cleanser, a Clean Towel offers a tender touch that complements your cleanser’s benefits.
  6. For Mothers: Provide a safe, clean touch for your babies and children, ensuring their skin is cared for with the softness and cleanliness they deserve.
  7. Enhance Professional Practices: A staple for estheticians and dermatologists, Clean Towels elevate procedures by ensuring a sterile, soft environment for every treatment.
Key Ingredients

Cellulose fibers from 100% eucalyptus or bamboo viscose

Shipping Information

Carrier: We ship via USPS for reliable and secure delivery.
Shipping Time: Expect your order to arrive within 3-5 days. We aim to ship sooner whenever possible.
Origins: Orders ship from Lincoln, NE. Image Skincare products may ship directly from West Palm Beach, Florida, or Texas.
Free Store Pickup: Available for local customers at 3841 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68506, USA.
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Clean Towels XL
Clean Towels XL
Clean Towels XL
Clean Towels XL


How big are Clean Towels?

Dive into luxury with our Clean Towels XL, measuring a generous 10in x 12in for the Original and Bamboo versions, giving you ample space for a full-face embrace. For those smaller touches, our Clean Towels come in a cute 25ct pack, each towel measuring 7.5in x 7.5in – perfect for on-the-go refreshment.

Can Clean Towels be Reused?

Absolutely! Our Clean Towels boast a resilience that allows for a gentle reuse. Feel free to rinse and air-dry them for another go-round. However, when it comes to keeping your skin in pristine condition, we champion a one-time use for direct skin contact. Here’s a savvy tip: after pampering your face, let your Clean Towel have one last hurrah by tidying up your counter space.

How sustainable are Clean Towels?

At Spa De Da, we're all about embracing beauty without compromise, including our planet's well-being. Our Clean Towels sing the same tune, crafted from 100% USDA bio-based fabric without a whisper of additive chemicals or fabrics. It’s our nod to sustainability, ensuring that your skincare routine is as kind to the earth as it is to your skin.