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Sunforgettable Brush on SPF

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Introducing 'Sunforgettable Brush on SPF' – your ultimate shield against the elements, endorsed by The Skin Cancer Foundation for its exceptional active use. Formulated with groundbreaking EnviroScreen® Technology, this all-mineral, on-the-go powder sunscreen offers unparalleled SPF 50 protection that’s as easy to apply as it is to reapply. Designed to complement your daily routine, this powder can be worn over makeup or on its bare beauty, ensuring your skin is safeguarded against UV rays, blue light (HEV), pollution, and infrared rays, which can lead to premature aging and skin damage.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate your skin's moisture barrier, and a potent antioxidant blend to combat pollution and free radicals, your skin receives not just protection but profound nourishment with every brush stroke.

This dermatologist-tested formula, free from comedogenic ingredients and hypoallergenic, is perfectly suited for sensitive skin types and boasts the natural protective power of zinc and iron oxides.


  • Net Wt. 0.21 oz. / 6 g
  • 90-day supply based on typical use 

Usage Instructions

Effortless Application for Sun-Kissed Protection

  1. Getting Started: Remove the cap and pull back the sleeve to find and discard the protective rubber band. Replace the cap to proceed.
  2. Wake the Powder: With the cap on, tap the brush against a hard surface 3-5 times with gusto. You're aiming to see a small cloud of powder when you brush it against your hand. If the powder seems shy, give it a few more taps until it peeks through the bristles.
  3. Sweep on the SPF: Embrace circular motions as you apply the powder directly onto your skin, be it bare, moisturized, or adorned with makeup. Spend a good 60 seconds covering every nook – don't overlook ears and neck. To add more powder to the bristles, give the brush a gentle shake downwards or repeat the cap, tap, and flick ritual as needed during your application. If layering over liquid products, let them set first to ensure a seamless blend. For continuous protection, reapply every two hours, especially after sweating or swimming, to keep your skin shielded and radiant.

With 'Sunforgettable Brush on SPF', stepping into the light has never been so secure or so simple. It’s not just sunscreen; it’s a commitment to your skin’s future, wrapped in the convenience of a brush.

Key Ingredients
  • Titanium Dioxide 22.5%
  • Zinc Oxide 22.5%
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Sunforgettable Brush on SPF
Sunforgettable Brush on SPF
Sunforgettable Brush on SPF
Sunforgettable Brush on SPF
Sunforgettable Brush on SPF
Sunforgettable Brush on SPF
Sunforgettable Brush on SPF


Will this SPF work for all skin types, including dry or aging skin?

Absolutely! Our Sunforgettable Brush on SPF is a marvel for every skin type. It's infused with sodium hyaluronate for deep hydration, making it a dream for dry or mature skin. For an extra dose of moisture, layer it over your favorite moisturizer and finish with our Hydrating Mist for that dewy glow.

How do I get started with this magical SPF powder?

First time? No worries! Give the brush a few power taps on a hard surface with the cap on. Next, do a little bristle dance with your finger to see the powder puff into action. If shy, repeat the tap and dance until you see a powder cloud.

How much product do I need for full protection?

For stellar SPF 50 coverage, take two full tours around your face with our brush. It's your invisible shield against the sun's rays.

What’s the secret to this brush's SPF prowess?

Our Sunforgettable Brush on SPF is not just any SPF. It’s powered by EnviroScreen® Technology, protecting against more than just UV rays. Think of it as your guardian against pollution, blue light, and infrared radiation, all while keeping your skin hydrated and happy.

Is this SPF formula friendly to water enthusiasts and gym buffs?

Yes! Dive in or break a sweat without fear. Our SPF is water and sweat-resistant for a solid 80 minutes.

How does the brush maintain its freshness?

Innovative antimicrobial bristles keep your brush fresh, ensuring your skin receives only the purest application every time.

Can you tell me more about the PA rating system?

Certainly! Our PA++++ rating is your guarantee of the highest level of UVA protection, preventing skin darkening and pigmentation. It's like a superhero cape for your skin.

Is this product environmentally conscious?

Yes, indeed. Our brush tube is BPA-free, and the SPF formula is a testament to our commitment to your skin's health and our planet's wellbeing.