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The Cool Box

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Embark on a journey of crystal-clear skin with 'The Cool Box' by LILFOX – a meticulously curated collection designed to elevate your beauty ritual to realms of unimagined clarity and refreshment. This set is an ode to unburdened skin, offering a sanctuary from congestion, heat, and clogs, and gifting your complexion the serenity of a clear sky, the purity of a crystalline pool, and the brilliance of a flawless diamond.

Inside 'The Cool Box', discover:

  • Amazon After Dark: A gentle yet effective clarifier that transforms into a milky emulsion, effortlessly lifting oily residue and warmth from your skin.
  • Mystic Awakening: A potent rosemary hydrosol that acts as a breath of fresh air for your skin, infusing it with astringent properties and mental clarity, amplified by the spiritual energy of amethyst.
  • Prickly Pear: The sovereign of hydration, this light, never-clogging essence dives deep into your skin, promoting rejuvenation and cellular dynamism.
  • Dewy Bean Dream: The revolutionary alt retinol, transforming skin with issues of cystic acne, chronic redness, and uneven tone into a vision of clarity within just a week.

'The Cool Box' is your pathway to achieving skin that's not only clear but also imbued with an inner light and cool, refreshing vitality.


  • Amazon After Dark (50 ml)
  • Mystic Awakening (50 ml)
  • Prickly Pear (15 ml)
  • Mini Dewy Bean Dream (3.5 ml)

Usage Instructions

Your Path to Clarity

  1. Begin with Purity: Initiate your ritual with Amazon After Dark for a cleansing experience that leaves your skin feeling fresh and free from impurities.
  2. Refresh with Mist: Follow up with a spritz of Mystic Awakening, allowing the rosemary hydrosol to invigorate and refine your complexion, as if opening your skin to a revitalizing breeze.
  3. Embrace the Night: In the evening, apply Dewy Bean Dream as your retinol alternative serum, witnessing a transformative journey to smooth, clear skin.
  4. Renew with Mist: After the serum, mist again with Mystic Awakening to enhance the serum’s benefits and to further awaken your skin’s natural clarity.
  5. Nourish with Nectar: Seal your ritual with Prickly Pear, offering deep hydration without congestion, leaving your skin supple and rejuvenated.

Through 'The Cool Box', LILFOX invites you to a beauty experience where each product synergizes to unveil a complexion that radiates cool, clear confidence, and a dewy, dream-like glow.

Key Ingredients

Amazon After Dark

  • Top Notes: Fresh herbaceous rosemary and green tree leaves
  • Heart Notes: Madagascan Rose Geranium

Mystic Awakening

  • Top Notes: Fresh herbaceous and sweet rosemary leaves

Dewy Bean Dream

  • Top Notes: Crushed floral and green violet leaf

Prickly Pear

  • Top Notes: Green earthy cactus pads, sparkling pink grapefruit and bergamot peel
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine grandiflorum
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood
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The Cool Box


What specific skin concerns does The Cool Box address?

The Cool Box is designed for congested and oily skin, providing clarifying, cooling, and non-comedogenic solutions to enhance skin clarity and manage excess oil production.

Can I use The Cool Box products if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, the products in The Cool Box are formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin while effectively addressing oiliness and congestion without causing irritation.

How does The Cool Box help with acne-prone skin?

The curated products within The Cool Box contain ingredients that target acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and promote a clear complexion, making it ideal for acne-prone skin types.

Are The Cool Box products hydrating enough for oily skin?

Absolutely! The Cool Box focuses on balancing hydration without over-moisturizing, using lightweight, non-greasy formulas that provide essential moisture to oily skin without contributing to excess oil.

How often should I use The Cool Box products for best results?

For optimal results, incorporate The Cool Box products into your daily AM and PM skincare routine, adjusting the frequency of specific treatments as recommended on individual product labels.

Can The Cool Box products be used together with other skincare products?

Yes, The Cool Box products are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing skincare regimen, enhancing the benefits of other products while targeting oiliness and congestion.

Is there an SPF product included in The Cool Box?

While The Cool Box focuses on managing oiliness and clarifying the skin, we always recommend following up with an SPF product during the day to protect against UV damage and maintain skin health.

How do The Cool Box products contribute to long-term skin health?

By addressing the root causes of oiliness and congestion, The Cool Box products help to maintain a balanced, healthy complexion, reducing the likelihood of future breakouts and promoting overall skin wellness.