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The Renew Box

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Step into the realm of intuitive beauty with 'The Renew Box' by LILFOX – a curated ensemble designed for those who navigate their skincare journey with instinct and grace. This collection isn't just about defying time; it's a celebration of glow preservation and the art of radiance enhancement. Here, we honor the wisdom of age, the allure of a bold red lip, and the elegance of natural silver strands.

'The Renew Box' brings you a quintet of transformative treasures:

  • Amazon After Dark Jelly Balm: A multi-tasking marvel that cleanses, hydrates, and revitalizes, setting the stage for a skincare ritual that’s as versatile as you.
  • Aphrodite Toning Mist: Infused with the vitality of fresh rose petals and the serene energy of rose quartz, this mist is your gateway to a complexion adorned with timeless beauty.
  • Blue Legume: Dive into the hydrating depths of butterfly pea, and emerge with skin plumped to perfection, ready to radiate from within.
  • Marshmallow Poof: A symphony of shiitake, marshmallow-derived hyaluronic acid, and peptides, offering a featherlight moisturizer that loves to mingle with its LILFOX counterparts.
  • Dewy Bean Dream: Embrace the ultimate alternative to retinol and witness the transformation of your skin, addressing everything from dullness to fine lines with unparalleled efficacy.

Embody the beauty icon within, with 'The Renew Box' as your companion on a journey to radiant, rejuvenated skin.


  • Amazon After Dark (50 ml)
  • Aphrodite (50 ml)
  • Blue Legume (15 ml)
  • Marshmallow Poof (15 ml) 
  • Dewy Bean Dream (3.5 ml)

Usage Instructions

Embark on Your Ritual

  1. Begin with a Canvas Cleanse: Use the Amazon After Dark Jelly Balm to gently dissolve the day and night away, revealing a fresh base for your ritual.
  2. Mist with Grace: Spritz your face with the divine Aphrodite Toning Mist to infuse your skin with rose petal intelligence and quartz energy.
  3. HydraSoothe with Blue Legume: Apply the Blue Legume mask for a surge of hydration. Let your skin drink in its goodness, or wash off as preferred for a mini facial steam.
  4. Cocktail for Radiance: Blend a harmonious mix of Dewy Bean Dream with Marshmallow Poof. Apply this bespoke concoction to nourish and activate your skin’s natural glow.
  5. Seal with a Mist: Conclude your ritual with another misting of Aphrodite to carry the actives deeper and lock in the luminous beauty.

'The Renew Box' by LILFOX is not just skincare; it's a daily rite of beauty that celebrates your skin's natural vitality and your innate sense of self-care.

Key Ingredients


  • Top Notes: Soft lemon citrus
  • Heart Notes: Fresh garden roses

Amazon After Dark

  • Top Notes: Green citrus, rosemary mint
  • Heart Notes: Bright rose geranium

Blue Legume

  • Top Notes: Tahitan lime + menthol + rosemary leaf  
  • Heart Notes: Rosy palmarosa + basil leaf

Dewy Bean Dream

  • Heart Notes: Grassy crushed violet leaves

Marshmallow Poof

  • Heart Notes: Crushed Violet leaves, Indolic jasmine grandiflorum blossoms Base: Vanilla, balsam of Peru
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The Renew Box


What is the main purpose of The Renew Box?

The Renew Box is crafted to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, preparing it to receive active ingredients effectively. It's your go-to for unlocking cellular rejuvenation and uncovering radiant, youthful skin.

Can The Renew Box be used for all skin types?

Yes, the products in The Renew Box are suitable for a wide range of skin types. They focus on enhancing skin's natural luminosity and smoothing texture, benefiting everyone from dry to combination skin.

How often should I use the products in The Renew Box?

For optimal results, follow the individual product instructions within The Renew Box. Most products are designed for daily use, with specific treatments recommended for use 1-2 times weekly or as needed.

Are the products in The Renew Box safe for sensitive skin?

While The Renew Box is formulated to be gentle on the skin, sensitive skin types should introduce new products gradually and monitor their skin's response.

How does The Renew Box combat signs of aging?

The Renew Box includes products with powerful ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, and botanical extracts that target signs of aging by promoting collagen production, evening out skin tone, and providing deep hydration.

Is there a specific sequence to use the products in The Renew Box?

Yes, start with the cleanser to prepare your skin, follow with the toning mist for hydration, apply the serum for targeted concerns, and finish with the moisturizer to lock in the benefits. Adjust the sequence based on the specific products included in your box.

Can I integrate The Renew Box products with my existing skincare routine?

Absolutely! The Renew Box products are designed to enhance any skincare routine. Use them alongside your favorite products or as a standalone regimen to achieve a revitalized complexion.

Are the ingredients in The Renew Box sustainably sourced?

The Renew Box products are formulated with a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Check individual product details for specific information on ingredient sourcing and eco-friendly practices.