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The Sun Box

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Embrace the luminous power of 'The Sun Box' by LILFOX – your ultimate companion for a skincare journey that harmonizes protection, exfoliation, and rejuvenation. Curated with the wisdom of natural elements and the innovative spirit of LILFOX, this set is your guide to counteracting the effects of sun exposure, revealing a complexion that's not only repaired but radiantly alive.

Within 'The Sun Box', you'll find:

  • Amazon After Dark: A preparatory marvel that primes your skin for a transformative healing journey.
  • Cupu Cool Jelly Balm: Experience the cool embrace of this herbaceous balm, awakening your skin with a tingle of refreshment.
  • Bitter Orange Mist: Infused with the essence of sun-kissed neroli blossoms, this mist brightens and deeply nourishes, ensuring actives penetrate the very heart of your skin cells.
  • Acid Glow: A visionary botanical acid peel that revolutionizes exfoliation, promoting cellular renewal with its raspberry-pink prowess.
  • Seabuck and Neroli Face Nectar: A dual-action serum that not only refreshes and protects but leaves your skin supple, soft, and glowing, ready to face the sun's embrace or recover from its kiss.

'The Sun Box' invites you to wield the power of intuitive beauty care, ensuring every day is a celebration of sun-soaked brilliance and skin that speaks of endless summer days.


  • Amazon After Dark (50 ml)
  • Cupu Cool (15 ml)
  • Bitter Orange (50 ml)
  • Acid Glow (15 ml)
  • Seabuck + Neroli (15 ml)

Usage Instructions

Your Sun-Kissed Ritual

  1. Begin with Clarity: Use Amazon After Dark to cleanse your skin, setting the stage for a deeply corrective and healing regimen.
  2. Brighten with Mist: Spritz your face with the Bitter Orange Mist to envelop your skin in the brightening power of neroli, prepping it for further pampering.
  3. Weekly Radiance Peel: Once to twice a week (or as suits your skin's rhythm), apply Acid Glow for an exfoliation experience that leaves your skin vibrant and renewed.
  4. Refresh and Heal: Post-peel, soothe and cool your skin with Cupu-Cool, basking in its herbaceous revival.
  5. Regenerate with Nectar: Seal your ritual with the Seabuck and Neroli Face Nectar, a potent blend that hydrates, protects, and imparts a sublime glow.
  6. Final Mist for Deep Nourishment: Conclude with another spray of Bitter Orange Mist to lock in hydration and actives, leaving your skin ready to radiate its natural beauty.

Through 'The Sun Box', LILFOX invites you to a beauty journey where sun care meets skin care, blending ancient botanical wisdom with modern alchemy to unveil your skin's inherent vibrance.

Key Ingredients

Amazon After Dark

  • Top Notes: Green citrus, rosemary mint
  • Heart Notes: Bright rose geranium

Bitter Orange

  • Top Notes: Bright juicy bitter orange citrus peel


  • Top Notes: Sicilian lemon peel
  • Heart Notes: Pungent green leaf mixed with herbaceous sweet and holy basil and leaves

Acid Glow: Red rasberry fruit

Seabuck + Neroli

  • Top Notes: Juicy bitter orange and mandarin peel
  • Heart Notes: Rosy palmarosa leaf
  • Base: Sandalwood
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The Sun Box


How does The Sun Box protect against sun damage?

The Sun Box is specially curated to protect and repair skin from sun exposure with SPF products and ingredients that target damage caused by UV rays, including antioxidants that fight free radicals and support skin healing.

Can I use The Sun Box products daily, even when indoors?

Yes, daily use is encouraged! The Sun Box includes products that protect against digital blue light and pollution, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Is The Sun Box suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely! The products in The Sun Box are formulated to be gentle and effective for all skin types, providing broad-spectrum protection without causing irritation.

How do I reapply the SPF product from The Sun Box over makeup?

The Sun Box includes user-friendly SPF formulations that can be easily reapplied over makeup without disruption, ensuring continuous protection throughout the day.

Does The Sun Box address premature aging?

Yes, by protecting the skin from UV rays and environmental stressors, The Sun Box helps prevent the signs of premature aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots.

What makes The Sun Box different from other sun protection sets?

The Sun Box combines high-performance SPF protection with skincare benefits, such as hydration and repair, making it a comprehensive solution for sun care and skin health.

Are The Sun Box products water-resistant?

Yes, the SPF products within The Sun Box offer water-resistant formulas, making them perfect for days at the beach or pool, ensuring your skin remains protected during water activities.

How environmentally friendly are The Sun Box products?

The Sun Box prioritizes eco-conscious packaging and formulations, featuring reef-safe ingredients and sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.